How To Fix Pet "Accidents".

Eliminating the odor from cat urine can be one of the most difficult parts of cat ownership. This recipe works on any biological odor or stain such as skunked dogs, blood, vomit etc...

It is also a great natural, non toxic stain remover for your laundry.

Basic Recipe:

16 oz bottle of peroxide

3 drops of original blue Dawn

3 tsp baking soda


Invert the bottle slowly and carefully to mix (it will be under pressure).


Start by blotting up any liquid with a towel and remove any solids (i.e. grass, dirt, poop).

Next saturate the area with the peroxide solution.

Let it sit until dry.

Vacuum or brush off any residual powder.




Larger Recipe:

32 oz bottle of peroxide

6 drops blue Dawn

3 TB baking soda