New Kitten Needs

Essentials To Have Before Your Kitten Comes Home


LITTER  -- Your kitten is using World's Best Cat Litter. Our second choice is Dr Elsey's Ultra. Do not use scented litter. Your cat's sense of smell is fourteen times stronger than a human's. Cats also have a scent organ in the roof of their mouths called the vomeronasal. Imagine how awful artificial scented litter smells AND TASTES to them. Breathing in synthetic scents on a regular basis can be carcinogenic.


LITTER BOX -- Be sure to purchase a box large enough for your cat to easily turn around in. Remember your Maine Coon may be 20 lbs at maturity. My adult males are larger than our Shetland Sheepdogs! We have found a large storage tub works wonderfully. The sides are high enough to keep the litter contained and it costs far less than an actual litter box. You can use the cover or leave it off if your cat prefers an open box. You will need to cut a door in the side if you use the top or have kittens and older cats. For multiple cat households, cut a door on either end so in case of a skirmish no one gets trapped in the box! Place a fake grass door mat in front of each door to help keep litter contained to the litter box area.



LITTER SCOOP -- This is an awesome scoop! It can be disinfected and doesn't retain odors and bacteria like a plastic scoop.


SCRATCHING POSTS -- rough wood or sisal covered, a minimum of 24 inches tall, with a heavy, secure base that will not rock or tip over. Cats do not favor carpet covered posts. Carpet is too smooth. Place the posts in areas where the cat spends most of his time. A cat tree will provide your cat with a place to scratch right where he likes to hang out!


Scent plays a vital role in cat behavior and their sense of territory. The scent glands on their paw pads release pheromones. Besides keeping their claws in shape, your cat is scratching for both marking and social reasons. They like to scratch in high traffic areas and as they greet you when you come home. For instance, that corner of your couch that everyone walks by. If you place the post in a corner or an out of the way room, it won't get used -- he'll find something else instead!


If your cat continues to scratch the corners of your furniture, cut a clear plastic carpet runner to size and cover as needed. For cats who like to scratch your carpets purchase a sisal horizontal scratcher.




VARIOUS "CAT PROOFED" TOYS -- Not all cat toys are safe. For example, the eyes on "fur mice" have a sharp prong on the backside. This attaches it to the mouse. They can easily be pulled out & when swallowed will perforate a kitten's stomach. Remove eyes & noses etc...  along with any strings, legs (often made from wire) or tails attached to the toys. Toys made of Mylar, feathers and strips of leather or yarn on a stick are designed to be interactive toys only. Be sure to put them out of reach when you are done playing with your cat. Mylar and things made from cellophane (such as cigarette wrappers) will turn into a glasslike substance in their intestines.


PREMIUM QUALITY CAT FOOD -- We recommend a natural raw diet. But we can also provide suggestions for a quality processed diet.

NON-PLASTIC FOOD & WATER BOWLS -- ceramic or glass preferred. Consider where your dishes were made. Ceramics made in China or India can leach chemicals into their water. Look for made in the USA! For the cat who plays in their water the Neater Feeder is a great option.

CAT CARRIER -- Think ahead, buy one large enough for an adult Maine Coon. We recommend this carrier. If you plan to use a soft sided carrier be sure the top of your carrier closes securely (see photos below). Look for zippers that close tightly together. If your cat is an escape artist, you plan to fly with your cat or have him in the carrier for extended periods, we recommend zip-tying the zipper tabs together. Be sure to bring something along to cut the zip-ties. A small nail clipper will get the job done. We recommend this soft sided carrier. The frame is spring loaded so it can fit under different seat heights. It has sturdy zippers and roll down sides so your kitten won't be as frightened. Do not purchase an all mesh sided carrier.



  Like This  


Not Like This!  






CLIMBING TREE -- Optional (though your cat may not think so!) Placed by a window, it will become a favorite lounging spot and also provide an approved place to sharpen their claws! These are our favorite cat trees. Test before you purchase. If the tree will rock when the cat jumps on it (think 20 lb Maine Coon at full speed) find one with a larger, heavier base.

GROOMING SUPPLIES -- You will need a wide/narrow tooth combination comb, slicker brush, nail clippers and a gentle cat shampoo.





A SAFE PLACE - to confine your kitten at night, or when you must 
be away -- see -- Introducing A New Cat 


Watch carefully for the safety of your new family member!