Kitten Proofing Your Home


Just like human toddlers, young kittens are curious. They can get into all kinds of trouble

 and they will put everything into their mouths.


It is very important that as a new owner of a Maine Coon kitten,

you meticulously prepare your home to be the safest environment possible.


 Spending the time and effort to thoroughly examine your home and correct any hazards before

you bring your new kitten home, will save you from the heartache of an injured kitten.


Be sure your kitten cannot get behind bookcases, appliances or furniture that you cannot access.


Potential Hazards


Electrical cords/phone cords/computer cables
Unattended flames on stoves
Hot liquid in potpourri bowls
Hot stove burners
Wall or space heaters
Unattended dish water or bath water
Cleaning supplies & other chemicals
Tiny objects
Sharp objects
Open toilet seats
Open oven doors
Open refrigerator doors
Open dishwasher doors
Open trash compactors



Unsecured HVAC registers

Open fireplaces
Open drawers and cupboards
Open windows and outside doors
Loose or damaged window screens
Automatic paper shredders
Staples/needles/pins/sewing items

Twist ties

Rubber bands
Ribbon/thread/string/yarn/shoe laces

Spaces behind washer, dryer etc...

Christmas decorations, watch out for tinsel!

Cheap essential oils-

whether diffused or used topically, are toxic to you and your cat. They are often adulterated with chemicals. Use a brand such as Young Living Essential Oils. Do your research, some essentials oils that are safe for humans can cause liver failure in cats.






Other Things To Watch For


Cat toys--

Not all cat toys are safe. For example, the eyes on "fur mice" have a sharp prong on the backside. This attaches it to the mouse. They can easily be pulled out & when swallowed will perforate a kittens stomach. Remove eyes & noses etc...  along with any strings, legs (often made from wire) or tails attached to the toys.


Cat toys made of Mylar, string, ribbon or yarn are designed to be interactive toys only. Such long objects if ingested, tend to travel lengthwise along the intestines. They can cause the intestine to scrunch up accordion style, even turning in on itself like a sock. This is a life threatening medical condition that requires immediate surgery to correct. Put these toys in a cupboard when you are done playing with your cat.




Sitting or stepping on a kitten--

Be sure to warn visitors to be watchful!

Rolling a chair over a kitten--

They tend to silently lie nearby their owners

Sleeping with a kitten and rolling over it.

Walking to the bathroom at night--

Kittens tend either run ahead of or follow their owners


Shutting a door or cupboard on a kitten--

Kittens are always curious and watching what their owners are doing.


Cellophane from cigarette packs--

When swallowed stomach acid changes these wrappers into a glass-like substance. The same thing will happen with Christmas tinsel.


Teach children respect for animals--

No rough handling. Do not use your hands as a cat toy.


Securely cover heating & cooling vents with a grate


Check areas where your vacuum doesn't fit for dangerous items


Leaving your new kitten unattended with other pets or young children



Watch carefully for the safety of your new family member!