We would like to thank the owners of our Koontucky Graduates


 for continuing our proud tradition in the ring!



CH Koontucky Celebrian of Large Cod

Owned by: Nikita Larionov




DGC Koontucky Blu Marvrix of Johnsbay

Owned by: Sandee Doherty





EC Koontucky Moonpearl of Chamberlain, DM

Owned by: Maarit Palmén




IC Koontucky Lady Geneviere of Zabaione

Owned by: Kirsi Särkiniemi





CH Koontucky Izadora of Dzcoonz

Owned by Debra Zeller




IC Koontucky Nessja of Seagram

Owned by Andrea Grunwald





CH Koontucky Tayte of Meri-purz

Owned by: Sonya Coulson




IC Koontucky Shannandoah of Wildwillows

Owned by: Jürgen & Irina C. Saparautzki





NC Koontucky Sapheer of L'Escaut

Owned by Dr Coralie Boulongne  



CH Koontucky Winter Sky of Megacoon

Owned by Johnnie Hardee




TGC Koontucky Princess of Crystalcoon

Owned by Mary Palmer



IC Koontucky Whisper of Sesabeta

Owned by Sara Theodorson Beggs




GCH Koontucky Vega of Solvalley

            FIFe Best Maine Coon and 9th Best All Breed Cat in Germany

            Second Best Maine Coon International Division CFA

Owned by Bénédicte Pierretaillade


GCH Koontucky Tiawa of Ahwannacoon

Owned by Randy & Anne Greenlee





CH Koontucky Rosabella


Owned by Kari Lambert




QGC Koontucky Kaitlin of Calicoon


Owned by: Lynne Sherer





GC Koontucky Sasha of Castlepaws

Second Best LH Great Lakes Region

Owned by Jason Bennett


NC Koontucky Simba of L'Escaut

Owned by Dr Coralie Boulongne











CH Koontucky Masquerade of Wyndabbey

Owned by: Abbey Jones