Maine Coons are often found playing in their water. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that there is fresh, clean water available at all times.



Maine Coons evolved naturally by survival of the fittest; therefore they are a breed which is fairly 'low maintenance' in care.



The coat is easy to care for and rarely tangles.  A weekly combing will keep the coat in good condition. Furthermore,  combing can help in the early detection of health problems.



Most Maine Coons do not mind water and if started at a young age will tolerate an occasional bath.



Trim their claws regularly. The more often you trim their claws as a kitten, the easier it will be when they are older. There is no need to ever declaw.


Information and alternatives to declawing can be found here.


It is good practice to check their teeth regularly. If anything seems out of the ordinary, consult your veterinarian. They should be scheduled for a dental once a year.


We recommend a natural raw diet. Please check out Our Diet pages for more information.

Excellent information about litter box problems and removing pet stains & odors can be found here.
Diffusing or topical application of adulterated essential oils can be toxic to both yourself and your cats. Be sure to use a reputable brand such as Young Living Essential Oils. Inexpensive oils and most oils purchased in stores are often adulterated with chemicals and artificial fragrance. Keep in mind high quality EOs are not cheap!
A comprehensive guide for what your new Maine Coon will need.