"The Matriarch of Koontucky"


RW TGC Donnahugh Tobey of Koontucky, OD




Tobey fought renal failure for two years. In spite of it she lived to be 19 yrs old.

She was a grand old girl, still able to jump the baby gates an hour before she passed away.







Tab died of kidney failure at 15 yrs old. The legacy she left behind, both in our hearts

and the Maine Coon breed will live on forever.



CH Koontucky Marvelicious, OD


"Pervis" lost her battle to mammary cancer in April 2011.

We love you and miss you



RW SGC MBIS Koontucky Kodi


Our beautiful Kodi passed away from liver cancer after a year long battle.






IW RW MBIS DGC Koontucky Shalayla, OD


1998 - 2016




May 24, 2016 marks the end of an era at Koontucky...


IW RW MBIS DGC Koontucky Shalayla, OD our last remaining daughter

 of the immortal IW RW MBIS SGC Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky, OS

has earned her angel wings.


Sha-Sha had an outstanding show career. Earning multiple Best in Show back when females weren’t put up.

Much less by a girl who wasn’t a brown tabby! She continued her success in the breeding box.

Producing litters of champions no matter who she was bred to. But she was so much more than that.

A more loving, sweeter soul has never graced this planet. She has been my constant companion for 18 years.

I can’t imagine what it's going to be like without her… 


Godspeed Shalayla… The World’s Most Beautiful. I will miss you every moment of every day.


April 12, 1998 – May 24, 2016